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I will tell you in private.I like a man that will tell me exactly what he wants taking orders makes my wet, lost the control make me horny, feel that you are the master is great. My expertise is making your fantasy happen, just let me be your little sexual doll.

im a student and i always wearing short schoolgirls skirt (sometimes i dont put on panties when i go to college) Be generouse and seduce me to be bad lil girl for you. U never forget me, belive me ^_^

my ears is a big ero-zone!!! let me hear ur bad u want me...and it will drive me crazy

Im open to million fantasies....but one of my fav be ur spoiled sexual princess... dropped to his knees and slipped his wet tongue into my now dripping pussy, it was amazing. There was rustling behind me for the next few moments of bliss I experienced. After a while he started sliding his tongue up and down my twat whilst every so often sticking it up into me.

As I approached his door my pussy started to moisten itself automatically, the excitement of what I was about to do coupled with the fact that I wasn't wearing anything under this coat was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done. 'Knock Knock, Knock!' My private shows are about intimacy, pleasure, and a great experience for both of us. I am not usually too shy, and if I am I warm up very quickly. I want to fulfill your fantasies.

Smoking, squirting,(YES I AM A SQUIRTER! However I must be REALLY turned on to make myself squirt) nipple play, feet (mine), role playing nonconsensual scenes, submission, a bit of bondage a little anal play (pending on my mood), double penetration, dirty talk, asphyxiation. I would consider myself to be a very open person, so if it's something specific just ask and I will tell you if I am comfortable or not. I don't see myself turning someone down very often.

I'm 19 and walking around the house in my jean mini skirt and my red spaghetti strapped shirt, my cleavage very perky and visible, I go to the kitchen and sit on the bar stool in front of the island. My body is facing the right where the refrigerator is and my legs are slightly parted, I am busy playing "Hanging with Friends" on my cell phone. My step-dad is in the refrigerator getting milk for his coffee as he pulls the milk out and turns around he sees my slightly spread legs and what is between them or better yet, what's isn't there. He noticed my panties are missing, he slams down the milk as his raging hard on peeks through his robe he yells my name and then pushes me to my feet against the cabinets behind me and holds me down. Telling me boys are going to touch you like this as he slides his fingers across my bare lips feeling my slimy wetness. I beg him to stop, to not touch me like that, it's so wrong! WHY does it feel so good, he slaps my face and tells me to shut up as he grabs my throat turns me around, bending me over the island and pushes inside of me. He tells me that this is what the guys will do to me if they see me wearing something like this. He pounds my for a good minute, his is the biggest I've ever felt inside of me. He then reaches his hand back to give me a nice hard spanking while he is teaching me his lesson. I cry for him to stop but he says the boy's they wouldn't stop. Soon I realize I am crying out from not pain or fear but from pleasure, my bottom half starts to back up on shaft squeezing him with my tight virgin cunt.... I like Tennessee Football, any and all Baseball..and the men who love it too. I love to dance. I enjoy life and love to laugh. I drink occasionally and get wild all the time. I am a country girl through and through. I love muddin and riding 4wheelers. I like bungee anything and scary rides at amusement parks...I'm always gonna choose dare in truth or dare!!! Oh yea I love love love Marshmellow creme.

I like to watch and be watched. I love the idea of a man getting hard just by watching or talking to me. And the thought of them jacking of to me makes me wild!!!!...and being tied up makes me tingle all over...lets explore to see what we can teach each other.

If you can talk dirty to me you can make me do anything. I am such a whore for dirty talk. I have a mad imagination amd I love to be dominated. I like for a man to just throw me up against a wall and let me feel his growing like for me. Nothing sexier than seeing a man get excited just by the bulge in his pants. I love mutual masturbation. I have never kissed a girl but am thinking I might enjoy it. BUT only if a man is watching a stroking his stuff to us.


I will tell you in private.

cum shot with catapult

cum shot with catapult

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